Every person learn things more rapidly when they see things instead of simply by listening it. Graphics is a thing that will give you a visual picture of things. Graphics are the visual display on some surface like canvas, paper and so forth. Their main purpose is to illustrate, to inform, and to entertain. It’s additionally used to show information in the form of picture. Images that we produce by PC are called PC graphics. Its primary function is to change and presents data in a visual form. In the present life, PC graphics is a typical element in our everyday life .for example Television, advertisement, and so forth.

There are a significant number of program’s present here that will helps you in creating an image. Programs utilized for graphics are GIMP, Corel Draw, Adobe In-design, Serif Draw-plus, and Xara X-treme. You can download them freely and without the danger of malware and virus. As graphics show information in the form of diagrams and charts so it will be feasible to present information of even next 5 years plan with the help of graph and bar chart. Computer graphics can be represented in 2-D or 3-D which are being utilized for search purpose. In graphic designing it won’t just create images yet additionally help you to alter that picture according to your taste.