Computer data backup plays and important role to keep your data safe in case of any harm to computer software or damage to computer hardware. If you don’t have any duplicate copy of data in this scenario it may cost you a big loss. This loss could be in financial and economical point of view. Data backup is crucial thing now a days in security point of view as well. The main reason for data backup is to save important files if a system crash or if any hardware failure occurs. We keep our system data in backup as a duplicate copy to deal with system crash or hardware failure solution. Tax reporting and Audit are also one of the main reason to keep backup of data. Law is not same in all countries, but companies has to keep financial data in backup to show Tax auditors.

Our website is came up with bundle of such backup applications that will help you to keep your data in backup to use it later for other legal and security purposes. We are offering you a lot of desktop and android backup applications that all are totally free and completely secure from any type of malware.